Re: My UbitX and modify CW keying on Mic PTT #ubitx

Thomas Sharka

if (frequency >= 28000000 && frequency <= 28000000) hambandfrequyency = true

You can only transmit on 28 Mhz?

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On Monday, February 5, 2018 10:28 AM, Mitani Masaru <mitani.masaru@...> wrote:

Hi,This is JE4SMQ masa.

My ubitx contains in ORIGAMI paper case(15 cm square).
It's costs  only 100JPY(about $1).
Exchange no push switch Encoder and Indipendent push switch add.

Ver1.00R Software install and modify:

1. Transmit can Japan Amateur bands only.
If offband Frequency,no PTT/CW breakin work.
Thins function requre Japan low.
2.BAND Select mode,Frequency fits Japan BAND PLAN.
3.In CW mode.
Mic PTT can keying, This is Always,Straghit key mode.
If Paddle connect,keyer can use(in menu setting).

Thank you.

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