Re: RD16HHF1 in the uBITX #ubitx

Alex - PA1FOX

>PA1FOX has done this, but I don't think he has

>posted detailed results yet. (He has promised
>to do so).

>I have some, but have not gotten around to finding out what
>they do. It looks very good, though.


Yep, correct. I'm still here :)
View this link for the receiver in action so far.

I've been messing around with RD16HHF1 and it looks promising. Due to lack of time I have not been able to finish the tests yet, but 10 watts at 17m is easy.

They seem far more robust as well. During the test phase of the IRF's I blew up a couple of them, but the RD16HHF1 has already suffered from my experiments (wrong output impedance etc) but has survived all. The gain of the RD is much higher at the upper frequencies compared to the IRF, so I have encountered some oscillations if the bias is set too high. It's not a big problem to deal with that. The efficiency at 80m is better than with the IRF but still not so good as 30 to 17m. I'm still working on that. Need to play around with the binocular toroid.
I also still need to finish the low pass filter for 15-10m to see what it will do there. The output power at 17m gives hope for a good performance at the upper bands.

Illustrative picture so far. It's not finished yet :) 
Note the double crystal filter for SSB/wide CW and narrow CW at the bottom.

73, Alex

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