Re: BitX40 v1.27.7 SPOT mode

Allard PE1NWL

The CAL VALUE x 100 represents the offset (in Hz) that we need to apply to
the nominal VCOA frequency (875 MHz) in order to get the correct output

So the ppm (parts per million) value can be calculated as follows:

ppm = CAL VALUE x 100 / 875,000,000 x 1,000,000

For example, the default CAL value is 1575
so the corresponding default ppm value is
1575 x 100 / 875,000,000 x 1000,000 = 180 ppm

Hope this helps.

73 Allard PE1NWL

On Sun, February 4, 2018 18:51, Vic WA4THR via Groups.Io wrote:
OK, great! One other question...what is the relationship between the "PPM"
calibration value and the "CAL VALUE" in line 43?


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