Re: uBITX drive level.. #ubitx

Rod Davis

Tilman and all,

Per, I think, Raj's suggestion, I change R63 to 11 ohms, and that seems to work well.

0805 parts fit on 1206 pads, and power dissipation is not an issue with an 0805 11ohm.



On 02/04/2018 08:18 AM, Tilman D Thulesius wrote:

My uBITX has proper 10W output on 80 and 40 meters keydown CW. So I assume the BIAS is set ok.

When trying to get some serious output power (10W) running phone I have to wistle in my mike a lot. I have put RV1 all the way up. 
So Im considering moving up the micgain in the mic-amp. How much would be a good starting point on R63. 100ohm ?
/ Tilman SM0JZT

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