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Mike Woods

Thanks Nick

I will put up the further details on the news item on

I am sure that your mod will be widely adopted for those of us who are aflicted by nearby AM broadcast stations.


On 3/02/18 11:40 PM, Nick VK4PLN wrote:

Yes I cut the trace either side of the new HPF board, exposed a bit of the trace and jumperd onto that.
You need to cut the second trace from the PA side. They are in order:
1: TX pwr to the PA circuits via R89
2: RX path (between K1 and K3 relays. (CUT AND INSERT HERE)
3: TX pwr to the LPF bank.
4: RX pwr to the receive circuit (R18,R38...)

I picked up GND from the 2 unused caps C216 and C210
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Mike Woods

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