Good Afternoon All,

VU2SPF - Dr. SP Bhatnagar(INDIA) and VE1BWV Joe Basque (CD)  are pleased to announce
The initial public release of the UBITX Colour Touch Display Controller v2.72u
This is essentially  the same as the one for BITX, but modified to work with the UBITX
The new software provides  a Colour Touch Display Controller with a no menu approach  to control your ubitx . 

More info:
http://vu2spf.blogspot.ca   - for latest code
Videos on You tube - search for vu2spf or vu2spf ubitx
Facebook Bitx 20

1. Low cost for parts - Suggested parts -  1 atmega2560 - approx $8.00US, 1 Addafruit dds Si5351 - $10.00  -  2.8 TFT  touch colour display     $12.00 US
2. All bands, band selectivity, USB LSB  -Works well with digital modes
3. All Display buttons are touch control - and no menus 
4. Any button can have a physical button and a TFT touch or any combination.
5. 100 memory channels
6. Tunable BFO's
7. 3 VFO'S - A  B  and  MEM
8. USB / LSB
9. TX  timeout control
10. Touch TX button and or physical TX control - for ptt mike or digital modes (vox input low)
Next : New Feature - Working on adding  Cat Control.

From Team TFT
VU2SPF (SP) AND VE1BWV  (Joe)  (joeman2116@...)


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