BitX40 v1.27.7 SPOT mode


I am using Allard's wonderful v1.27.7 sketch in my BitX40, and because of an trip planned this weekend was rushing to package it so it could be used. I have added the PTT sense line, a FCN switch, and a SPOT switch, and have significantly shortened leads in this final package. Everything seems to be working well and I was able to use the rig mobile. When I press SPOT I am able to fine tune in LSB mode very easily, but the frequency displayed in SPOT mode differs from what the normal display shows. For example, if I am on 7.255.00 and press SPOT, the display reads 7.254.955, so if I tune that to 7.255.00 and release SPOT I get 7.255.05 on the normal display. Am I doing something wrong? Is there some sort of offset in LSB SPOT that needs to be adjusted?


73, =Vic=


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