Re: [uBITX] How to adjust CW sidetone volume? #ubitx

Rod Davis

Hi Dean,

Just yesterday I changed R250 (the input of the low-pass network for the sidetone) from 1k to 220k, and my sidetone is comfortably low at full volume.

100k probably would have been better, as the sidetone is a bit weak.

I only had 0805 parts, but they fit just fine on 1206 pads. No worries.

Good Luck,


On 02/02/2018 03:23 PM, K5DH wrote:
Is it possible to adjust the CW sidetone volume in the uBITX?  I'm finding that if I have the volume turned up to hear a weak station and I hit the key to respond, my sidetone will be ear-splitting.  Any easy way to fix this? 

Dean K5DH
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