Re: First Arduino sketch loaded

Jerry Gaffke

I guess it depends on how you learn.

K&R C  is compact and concise, delving deeply into intracacies that some would prefer to ignore.
I found it easy to follow, and engaging enough that it was hard to put down.
Reviewers on Amazon like it at least as much as any other C book.
Perhaps a bit dated now in that it was written for somebody hovering over an ASR33,
though I don't see that as a minus. 
You definitely want the 2'd edition, covering the ANSI C extensions of the late 1980's.

Best bet might be to find a brick and mortar bookstore that carries it, see if it grabs you.
Or perhaps some other book works for you.
And give them some business if it does.

On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 10:33 am, Rod Self wrote:
I have long mused that K&R C is the worst example of technical documentation that I have seen.

There are much better ways to learn C. I have not seen Jack Purdum's book, but I suspect it is
a wonderful book.


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