Re: Accident, Did I damage my Raduino

Allard PE1NWL

In v2, pin A2 is not used anymore. You could remap the function button to
A2 instead of A3.

at line 233:
#define FBUTTON (A3)
change to:
#define FBUTTON (A2)

73 Allard PE1NWL

On Fri, February 2, 2018 17:03, Richard Sanders wrote:
You are not alone! I had my bitx40 in pieces on my benchtop and wired the
raduino using the orange I/O wire instead of the orange +12v
wire...powered nothing on my LCD...turned off...checked
wiring...turned on a second time...still nothing...turned off...THEN I saw
what I did wasn't until I had reflashed the v2 software the I
finally figured out why my unit keeps going to the Settings
thinks that I am holding the function button down upon power up! With the
button uninstalled I check the power of the orange A3 wire and am getting
0v!! :-( So I'm going to try and remap a different pin for the Function
button...if that does not work or if I find that I actually damaged more
than the I/O pin...then I'll go the "New Arduino Nano" route! Best of luck
to all who are experimenting with the bitx's out there!!


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