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Dr Fred Hambrecht

I had not considered it Michael. If there is enough interest, I would be happy to post my meager efforts. Like you I tried other displays and plotting XX/YY for every display point, box etc was frustrating and beyond both my artistic abilities and patience. The Nextion simulator available from their web site makes it easy to set up boxes, touch areas required and testing on your PC. Once it is what you want simply save the file on an SD card and transfer it to the display. Some of the cool stuff you can do is to put a picture of an antenna tower or other chosen object and vary the height of the tower as a function such as SWR or volume.

I use 4 pages as other than on/off- volume control I have no knobs or buttons on the radio. Some of what I have is pretty cheesy and done because I could. My rig does not use the standard BitX software but the sketch proffered by Gene Marcus as a base. I use a GPS module to display Zulu Time, grid square, elevation, speed and direction, mainly because it is available. What I was really after was the ability to control the SI oscillator frequency automatically via counting the 1PPS signal and correcting errors. I am able to hold the frequency to within .2Hz worst case. Not quite a disciplined oscillator, but close enough for government work.

The big thing is that the Arduino is no longer burdened with refreshing and painting the display. In the Arduino you simply select the area definition and data you want to send/receive via the serial bus.



Fred W4JLE



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 Have you posted your work somewhere?  I bought a Nextion display over a year ago.  At the time the software was pretty messy.  I haven't touched it since.  But I would like to again.  Now I know who to bug if I have problems trying it again. lol  It would be great to have a professional looking display for the Bitx and uBitx systems.   I've got both to build at the moment.  Waiting on parts for one and pretty much spare time to work on the other.

73, Michael

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