Re: uBITX Firmware (CEC) 0.30 released (Test version). #ubitx

David S


 I'm a late comer to your party, amazing code functionality, takes the radio to another lever with the CAT, especially for digital.   No issues with uploading to the radio, I figured out how to use Xloader, a really simple way of getting the right code into the radio. 

I've also more or less got to grips with the uBitx manager and have a few comments, I entered my callsign and set it to display (permanently) on the previous manager software, the latest version has the alternate VFO frequency displayed in the callsign position and wipes it out.  I can't see any way of stopping either the 2nd VFO frequency or the Step from displaying, it could do with a settings flag. 

There's also an anomaly in the code step function, probably I didn't read about the it correctly.  It works as expected, a little fiddly getting the correct function press time, however  when I entered 500Hz, it's accepted by the manager, it saves and recovers from disc correctly but is implemented as 244Hz by the radio.

A quick question about the band frequencies, the maximum frequency I can enter is 99999 (Hz), sometimes a read from the radio gives a sensible frequency 554970912 (Hz) & mode 1.  Sorry I just can't figure this at all.

The other oddie is that I would expect to be ably to read a configuration file from disc both with or without the radio being connected.  I find that I have to read from the radio to allow a backup to be read from the disc.

I can see that you've got the bit well and truly between your teeth, are there any plans to add functionality for a 4 line or any other display.

Best regards & many thanks for the sharing the huge increase in functionality. 

David  G8DJM

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