Need Some Insight On How uBITX Operates In CW Mode

Dennis Zabawa

Let me start this by stating that I an not a CW operator.  My interest in CW is to make a complete implementation of all uBITX capabilities in the Raduino clone that I am designing. 

As my design stands at this point, I am implementing most of the logic on an Arduino UNO with a custom made shield.  I am including a 3x4 matrix keypad to allow for direct frequency and other entry along with a rotary encoder with push button.  The keypad and encoder functions will be monitored by a RBBB (Really Bare Bones Board) UNO clone, from Modern Device and communicate with the UNO via the I2C bus.  The display is a 20x4 LCD, I2C bus, display board.  I am using a Kits and Parts, QRP SWR bridge, interfaced to the UNO via an I2C, 8 channel ADC board, to measure forward and reflected power during transmit and tuning.  I will be implementing an AF DSP on a Teensy board with control via an I2C link to the UNO.  The last module will be a keyer implemented on a Pro Micro and communicating with the UNO via an I2C link.

Regarding the CW operating characteristics of the uBITX, does it accomplish T/R switching fast enough for true QSK?  My understanding is that at 20 WPM, the switching needs to occur in 1 millisecond or less.  If the uBITX is not capable of this, I will probably just keep the receiver muted for about 10 milliseconds after a key up and forget about trying to implement QSK operation.

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