Re: Care and Feeding of SMD Parts


I have been using a 3-ring binder with clear plastic pages meant to hold trading cards -- 9 to a page.  The little strips go into the pockets quite nicely.  This also works pretty well for thru-hole resistors and caps.  With loose parts in the pockets it does take a little care leafing thru the pages not to spill the parts.

I label the pockets using a small permanent marker on the window, and a very fine marker on the back of the strips.

Chip resistors tend to be marked with part values, which can be read under a low-power microscope.  Capacitors tend not to have any markings.  I guess that there are so many things you need to know about a capacitor, like what ceramic, and the voltage rating, that you would need an electron microscope to read it.  The only markings are on the reels the tapes come on.

Industrially, these things are handled only as full reels, which are put into the pick-and-place machine AKA "chip shooter".  Individual markings on the parts themselves would be redundant.

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