Re: Software support Request for Full QSK BITX40

Gary O'Neil

Thanks for doing the work generating the LTSpice file for the BITX40 PA. Saved me time and effort. I integrated my RF switch as it stands currently, and attaching it so you and others who might have the skillset to scrutinize and critique it. You're way ahead of me on the other emails, and it may be a fair amount of time before I get to them. I'm still peeling the onion on this switch at the moment, and don't want to divert my focus.

Tale a look at S21 in both transmit and receive. It looks great in Transmit mode, but receive insertion loss looks a wee bit high but not a show stopper. I also haven't taken a look at the before configuration yet, so it's not clear the switch is what's behind the insertion loss. By itself, the switch simulates (and measures) 0.2 dB insertion loss in receive.

Thanks again for doing the leg work on this... The integration was fast and easy. :-)


Gary, N3GO

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