Re: Replacing the PA section on Bitx 40

James Lawrie

My thought process is a separate board would allow more mounting options for a heat sink, and cleaner layout after on the Bitx 40. I hate to admit it but I’m not an engineer and even my basic math skills for electronics formula is severely restricted due to the “happy pills” I take for my service connected TBI and PTSD.

As a kid when I was trying to get into electronics and Ham I had a Elmer who helped, but now 41 years later I know no one else in my area who could/would help.I can follow schematics, and do basic - mid level troubleshooting, speaking of worse things I used to be very proficient in basic, pascal and early OOP programming, now thanks to my medical issues they are gone. I look a c and c++ and think it must be from Mars.

Probably TMI about myself but this is why I ask for help and like a clean board.

James Lawrie

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