uBITX schema relay K1 #ubitx


Hello group,

After looking at the very nice schema of the uBITX (http://www.hfsignals.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/ubitxv3.pdf) i have a question about the K1 relay.
The K1 relay is used for the RX and TX power switching and also for connecting the antenna in RX to the LP filter.

On RX (and TX) the LP filter is also a connection to the TX power amp by C80, that will give a (very) small load on the antenna signal at RX and a mixer (Q90 diode BE) for strong received signals?
It can be changed by by switching the pins 12 and 14 of K1 and connection pin 16 of K1 to C80 (remove that one from the LP filter)?

I do not own a board (yet), so i cannot test it.
Maybe there are very well reasons for using it as it is, I did not read the total history.

73, Fred

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