Allard PE1NWL

Hi Hiro san,

Each time after you replaced the resistor to a lower value, did you also
perform recalibration?
Changing the resistor value may have some effect on the optimum
calibration point for maximum power output in CW.

Do you have correct power output in other modes (LSB, USB, CWU) or only in
Is power output correct in VFO setting LOW or HIGH?
What VFO calibration value (ppm), and what BFO frequencies did you find
during calibration procedures for each mode?

73 Allard PE1NWL

On Thu, February 1, 2018 08:40, JH1OJY wrote:
Thanks for nice info.
I had replaced 10k to 4.7k before this question.
I tried to replace 4.7k to 2.4k or 1.5k.  finally 1.5k but output power
doesn't go up, still 3w.
This resister is available for CW but not LSB I think. 
Anyway I will search how to make output power up.

Hiro  JH1OJY

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