Re: uBITX Firmware (CEC) 0.30 released (Test version). #ubitx

Mike Woods

Ian should have a guide available shortly to explain his software enhancements as a release version is almost there.  You are using the beta 0.34 version.   

At top left is the frequency of the other VFO, not currently in use.  So if you have VFO A in use this is VFO B frequency.  The middle section shows the step value on the encoder, and the right hand shows the key type - Iambic A, Iambic B or Straight Key.

I am finding the IF shift helpful, and I like being able to adjust the frequency step value by holding in the butto for about 2-3 seconds.


On Thu, 1 Feb 2018 at 9:27 AM, Je <emilus@...> wrote:
Congratulations to the author at first glance seems OK. But what is the 14.150k on the first line of the display?

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