Re: Bitx40 USB mod

Jerry Gaffke

Umm, actually he will need to go from Farhan's stock firmwre to v1 or v2 of Allard's firmware.
Either that or hack the analog BFO such that it operates 3 or 4 khz higher than the usual ~12.998500mhz.
(Actual frequency varies depending on which freq sorted bin of crystals your rig was built with.)

Easiest is to upgrade to Allard's firmware.
He will want to do that anyways, or the tuning pot will be a wee bit unstable.

On Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 11:38 am, N8DAH wrote:
Yes to your question C91/91 will attenuate the usb signal to much so they should be removed. You do not have to change firmware or go to V2 for this to work

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