Re: Bitx40 USB mod

Jerry Gaffke

USB is best done on the Bitx40 by upgrading to Allard's firmware:

You need to choose between his Bitx40 and Bitx40-raduino-v2 branches.
Both take some minor hardware mods which Allard has documented extremely well.
V2 requires a slightly more extensive hardware mod, but drives the BFO from the si5351 on the Raduino
instead of using the stock analog crystal oscillator for the BFO, the si5351 makes it much more flexible

Jerry, KE7ER

On Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 11:03 am, <skreblins00@...> wrote:
I want to buy bitx40 and use it as my portable station. I mostly operate digital modes and I am looking for help to add USB mod to bitx40.
I have found some information for that mod and it says to remove C91 i C92 from the board. So, I am asking is that the only thing I should do to add USB to the bitx40, or does it require some code modifications?

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