uBITX AGC - Adafruit TPA2016, A Success! #ubitx

Nick VK4PP

Hi Group.
Now, I haven't tried many AGC solution on the uBITX, only 2, the VK3YE, and ADAFRUIT TPA2016 I2C module.
The VK3YE solution I found messed with the audio quality, made it all scratchy, and still didnt handle local 100w stations well...
Now after playing with the TPA for a few days I am very happy with the results.
Audio has good depth and AGC is reponsive, also gives a nice increase in gain.
One trick to others who want to impliment this, you will need to add some code to the Adafruit library to implement the enableNoiseGate(false); function.
We need to turn the NoiseGate off or else the AGC will not ramp up with only background noise and you will not hear anything until a loud signal comes on.
Also the speaker output is NOT grounded, you need to isolate you SPK jack so that the - from the TPA2016 are direct to the speaker with no chassis grounding...
Best part in my opinion, is that ALL the AGC related settings are customisable if your want, if not, just use the voice settings from the datasheet, I have and they work great!

Stereo 2.8W Class D Audio Amplifier - I2C Control AGC - TPA2016

I will post up some code tonight... and a few pics....

73, Nick VK4PLN

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