Re: I did it again.. i plugged the arduino pins on reverse

Jerry Gaffke

I can deal with the language barrier.
Podemos emplear espanol si quieres, pero no he practicar lo unos veinte anos.

You do have to describe what is going on in detail if we are to fix this through forum posts.
Otherwise you will have to find somebody there to help you in person.
But I think I understand your situation now.

You have a uBitx, the only complaint remaining is that when you press the PTT switch
it does not go into transmit mode.  No clicking from the relays. 
I assume the uBitx continues to receive with PTT pressed.

Check these points of the uBitx with a voltmeter, measuring voltages to ground:

When you press the PTT switch, the orange wire into pin 5 of the 8 pin connector into the Raduino
should go from high (about 5v) to low (about 0 volts).

The Nano on the Raduino sees that low from the PTT switch and responds 
by driving the T/R pin high into the uBitx main board.
The voltage at the top of C150 as seen in the lower left of the uBitx schematic goes from 0 volts to around 5 volts:
Here's the uBitx schematic:

The 5 volts at signal T/R turns on transistor Q15, which will make pin 9 of relay K1 go from 12 volts down to near 0 volts.
With the coil of relay K1 now energized, K1 pin 3 should go from 12 volts to zero volts to remove power from the receive circuits
and K1 pin 5 should go from zero volts to 12 volts to power the transmit circuits.

The pin numbering of the relays is kind of funny, it is numbered as if it has 16 pins,
but some of the pins are missing.  Here's the view from the bottom of the board.
Pin 1 has a square pad:

16    1
X     X
14    3
X     X
12    5
X     X
X     X
9     8    

Best Regards,
Jerry,  KE7ER

On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 01:10 pm, César EA3IAV wrote:
Don’t worry. I will not make you read anymore. I thought It was clear what I explained. If you don’t understand something you may ask. Not to mention English is not my first language. But it is easier for you to make a compilation of my clumsiness. Radio works and receives but ptt is not working. No relais noise. No swiching.  Somehow despite of all connections seem to be good as i teaces continuity. That wire was the only execption I did to make sure there is a connection between that pins I described.

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