Re: I did it again.. i plugged the arduino pins on reverse

Arvo W0VRA

On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 01:10 pm, César EA3IAV wrote:
If you don’t understand something you may ask. Not to mention English is not my first language. But it is easier for you to make a compilation of my clumsiness.
Jerry is asking, and he's not making a compilation of your clumsiness.  He is, however, making a compilation of all the issues you have had with the radio to get a thorough understanding of what might be causing the trouble.

The situation is complicated and the symptoms you describe are confusing.  Blowing a regulator on the Raduino is very odd.  Losing the connection between the 3V3 and C1 on the Raduino board is also very odd.

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