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Charles Darley

Hi all

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Hi folks,

A little further info on  the LED display I have available.

Common Kathode .
Size 36mm x 20mm
7 Multiplexed numeric characters
7 _NON _ multiplexed leds in a bargraph.

They are ideal for use with an OM3CPH PIC frequency display. I know
as I built one last night !. On Veroboard ( stripboard ) I managed to
get the size down to the front area of the Display and 1/2" depth
behind. The PIC clock can be taken direct from the CIO osc ,
therefore eliminating any chances of mixing of PIC and other
oscillators. Resolution to 10Hz

see the available data that I have made available at..


At 1.00 UKP each plus postage costs to anywhere on Earth. They are
going very quickly ( I have about 30 left ). I really must keep a few
for myself !

72/73 de Mike W, G8NXD qthr

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