Re: I did it again.. i plugged the arduino pins on reverse

Jerry Gaffke


So exactly what are the symptoms you are trying to cure now?
What is it that does not work?

Your first post in this thread says:
    i plugged the pins in tge wrond side. Now the sreen is like this 
    i guess i ruined the arduino nano board a d maybe something else

Exactly what pins did you plug in wrong, and in exactly what way?
Did you rotate the entire Raduino around so the display was facing the inside of the radio?
That would put 12v on some of the Nano pins, which would have blown the Nano.
But now you have replaced the Nano and LM7805, can program the Nano, and the display seems to work.
Perhaps the problem now is that you plug the Raduino into the uBitx and you cannot receive any stations?

If so perhaps the si5351 is also blown.
The si5351 is only $1, but difficult to replace as the package is very small.

I suggest you turn the radio on and listen to the si5351 using a shortwave radio
tuned somewhere between 11.995 and 12.000 mhz.
Put the shortwave antenna very near, but not touching, the si5351.
See if you can hear the BFO, it will be a CW carrier with no modulation.
You should also hear the reference oscillator near 25.000 mhz.

Earlier you reported that "I placed the wire from 3v3 to c1(+ side"
Did that fix anything?
If so, exactly where did you add that wire?
This is one case where a photo might actually help, if you can't describe it completely in words.
Is there any evidence of a burnt trace on the board?
This might help us determine if the si5351 was damaged.

Perhaps buy a new Raduino from HFSignals.
That may fix it, though it it is possible that the original "i plugged the pins in tge wrond side"
blew out some stuff in the rest of the radio as well.

Your best path forward might be to find some other ham in your area
with a scope and a good understanding of how this stuff works to help you.
In answer to your question, I doubt it is a blown cap or resistor.
But could be, as I don't really know what you did to damage the radio in the first place.

Best Regards,
Jerry, KE7ER

On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 10:35 am, César EA3IAV wrote:
I have checked continuity 
Orange wire and a3 from Nano continuity-> ok
And also
D7 from nano to the right last pin connector to board> ok
also connection from raduino board to main board...

i also grounded the orage wire just in case it was the mic

any hint? Maybe a blown cap? I could test resistors in raduino board were fine

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