Re: Cheap Harbor Freight Case for MBITX

Art Howard

I guess I'm lucky I have access to a water cutter. All I have to do is draw the template and give it to a friend of mine

On 29 Jan 2018 9:50 pm, "Vince Vielhaber" <vev@...> wrote:
I've been working on a plastic one that fits both the Pelican 1150 and the Apache 1800.  I actually bought the Pelican without the pick-n-pluck.

I still need to thin it some since I found it can actually be used on the top as well if you're not putting anything real thick in it.  Some LCD displays will fit in the top with a plastic panel.


On 01/29/2018 05:39 PM, Ken Hansen wrote:
This 'pelican-style' case is also nice - I'd love to figure out a front
panel that snaps over the bottom half of the case (remove all

Ken, N2VIP

On Jan 29, 2018, at 3:47 PM, wishbone_aaa <dlmock@...
<mailto:dlmock@...>> wrote:

Just place my order for a MBITX and have been looking for an
enclosure. I spotted in my workshop a Harbor Freight plastic ammo box
that looks like it will do the job.  With the lid open, the box is 6
inches deep,9 3/4 wide and 4 1/2inches high.  Price $6.99 (even
cheaper when there's a coupon).

  Michigan VHF Corp.

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