Re: Inkits India QRP kits

Art Howard

 Wish I was more proficient with the programs needed to do all this I certainly would help.

On 30 Jan 2018 2:31 am, "Mike Woods" <mhwoods@...> wrote:
A great idea Alan

I have made the page template ... now the hard part in putting it all together.  You don't want to volunteer do you?

A list of all products (WORD table you send me),  supplier, website (if there is one) and email address for contact.



On 30/01/18 10:43 AM, Alan de G1FXB via Groups.Io wrote:

We need a who is who, on the page.
So we easily know who is selling what:-

Raduino clones, Improved Raduino's, Touchscreens, AGC, S-meter, Mic Amp, Speech Processor, PA protection circuits, SWR Bridge, Auto ATU.
forgotten anything?
it's ALL TOO MUCH......  :-)

Mike Woods

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