Re: Bitx Delivered..YAY!!


ok ... that makes to get this thing working...the shipping time once it hit the system was amazing..
Brian K9WIS

---- Dave Bottom <ars.kd6az@...> wrote:

uBITX Deliveries

I believe 319/2 would be board #319 of Run #2
My board 359/1 (#359 of Run #1 - 1,000 boards?) was ordered on Dec 10th,
shipped Dec 20th DHL received in CA Dec 22nd.

I probably won't see my second order (January) until March. I wonder if
any other HF radio (including commercial ones) has sold so many in such a
short time.

Thoroughly enjoying my first uBITX. 4 Countries (3 Continents) with just a
Dipole (including Russia on 80M no less) so far in casual operating on
Sundays. Thank You Farhan!

Dave WI6R

On Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 11:37 AM, B C <k9wis@...> wrote:

The DHL man delivered my Ubitx package this morning here in Wisconsin..I
ordered it on Dec 14, was notified last Friday by Pay PAl that it will
So use this as a gauge.

My board was marked 2 of 319..So I must have just missed the cut off on
that first shipment..

Brian K9WIS

73 Dave WI6R

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