Re: microphone #ubitx

chris gress <Chrisg0wfh@...>

Check out these on eBay cost me a just under £2 each I got 3 of them just not tested yet chris

On 28 Jan 2018 22:27, "at91r40008" <yvon@...> wrote:
I tried every single mike that I have with no success. That is until I tried the mike that
came with my LNR LD-5. I finally had power out in SSB. I did order two more from
LNR and they came in yesterday. They are only $20 each. This afternoon I made my
first SSB QSO with the uBitx with W7DGZ in Washington state. I am in south California.
The conditions where not good with a lot of QSB. Still the same excitement on the first.
QSO with a new radio as when I was licensed in 1966.
Very quite receiver I love it.
73, Yvon NU6I

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