Re: Raduino Boards Replacement

Michael Hagen

I still have RaduinoX Bare PCBs for $10 includes PayPal and postage.

I have sold about 45 boards and assemblies to folks on this list!  They are great!

The are drop in fit.  I also have RadinoXP that uses the Mega 2560 Pro, it is quite a bit larger and provides a lot more

IO and 256K memory.

RaduinoX is a better Raduino.  It uses the Nano and is size compatible with original Raduino. 

The Nano PLUGS IN in and there are lots of improvements.   Proper Level shifting to 3.3V for the SI5351, USB connector at opposite end for better acess.

Power supply filtering and Regulator mounted and room for heat sink.  Contrast pot accessible.

The SI generator chip and crystal a really tiny and the biggest challenge when assembling.

I have some assembled.  They are $38, add $4 for Nano, and $5 for 2x16 yellow LCD.  It usually takes a few day to get more assembled.

I also have a 3D printed Bezel Kit which is $4.  Email me at "MotDog@..." for more info. 

73's Mike, WA6ISP

Mike Hagen, WA6ISP
10917 Bryant Street
Yucaipa, Ca. 92399
(909) 918-0058
PayPal ID  "MotDog@..."

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