Raduino Boards

Gordon Gibby <ggibby@...>

​I have an excess  of this board that I created to do an SWR/antenna analyzer project, which also basically can do the Raduino for a bitx --- but this is NOT a built board.  It has one known error so far (pin 5 of the lcd screen was not  grounded) which can be repaired by just running a little jumper to a grounded pin. 

I can let go up to 8 of these boards at my cost (I'm not trying to make any money) which is about $3.33 + postage (and I can find out postage tomorrow for USA).   

This board was designed to use:

1.   Arduino Nano --- ignore the top line of holes ( I couldn't find the right "socket" on the software)

2.   Adafruit si5351 breakout board https://www.amazon.com/Adafruit-Si5351A-Clock-Generator-Breakout/dp/B00SK8LNYG

3.   standard 2 line LCD display

and note it is NOT the same size as the Raduino --- it is 3.8 x 2.5 inches (the standard size ExpressPCB makes cheap boards where I first did this kind of stuff.)

It was also intended to have some opamps and measure forward/reverse and be a simple antenna analyzer/ and a large screen swr display....but you probably don't care about those.....and they aren't "finished" yet....

I've had a couple of inquiries about it -- if anyone is interested, please send me a private email to 


I can also send the gerber files to anyone who wishes to make boards themselves.   

There are no guarantees, or warranties of any kind, of course, and these will need to be assembled of course.   I built them planning to use WIRES soldered to the various connections, so they aren't great for putting headers on the I/O points but that isn't the end of the world for a builder.

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