uBITx.net news summary

Mike Woods

Today the following items were added to http://uBitx.net/

Alternative software for your uBITx

Tuning up

Another audio pop mod

Relay datasheet

The following news story from the day before also had significant additions as a result of a new email posting on the BITX20 group:

The first TFT display for uBITx

Thanks for all the positive feedback to the launch.  I am pleased that people find the site is heading in the right direction. I have been busy taking on comments and making some changes to the website.  I have fixed the issue with the news categories and tag cloud not working properly.  The website will no doubt evolve further over the next week or two!   But, I didn't do much on the mods summaries today ... too much other stuff to do.

I have had a number of suggestions for content come in, many of which were actioned immediately.  If you want to feature a product that enhances the uBITx just write to me. I will find some way to do this.

I have had one offer of help, which I will be taking up!  If a few people are willing to add newsworthy items on a roster basis, the burden of keeping the website up to date will be eased. The "FAQ content" will change more slowly than the news content.  Good writers are needed, but there is not a lot of work as content is sourced directly from email list postings.   Summarising postings (or elaborating if they are too cryptic) and improving readability, correcting spelling or grammar is all that is required.   I am linking each to the BITX20 email reference to make it easy for people to browse the relevant thread.

A typical day will probably have around 2 news items.  Today was a bit atypical, as list activity was way up, and there were several interesting developments today!

I will respond separately to the email from the list moderators.

73 Mike ZL1AXG

Mike Woods

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