FS: Bitx AGC Kits


I have 10 kits ready to go with another 10 for kits or pre-built.

This was posted on DuWayne KV4QB's site found here 

Thank you DuWayne for the use of the board layout and files!

All kits will come with:

PCB x 1

Parts placement layout x 1

2N3904 x 1

2N7000 x 1

47uf x 2

1N4148 x 1

100R x 3

100k x 3

10k x 1 this is extra for the user to play with attack or input values.

2k2 x 1

.1uf x 2 unmarked tan

If you lose anything let me know I will send you a replacement.

This is the 3rd run of the boards, many users here have this AGC already in use myself included. It was setup for the Bitx40 but I have not tested it with the Ubitx yet (should work).


Cost and options:

#1 - Kits 13$ shipped

#2 - Pre-built OT service 15$ shipped and tested

Please contact me before you send any money the last two times I have offered just the boards they sold out in under 24 hours.

As before I am not yet a store so please have patience and 1st come 1st serve. If all goes well I have plans to roll the income from this run into purchasing Eagle and making a new adjustable AGC with all surface mount, surface mount led zero beat and more!

Contact me directly for more information or orders: dherron at live dot com

I will send you a confirmation and direct you to my paypal for payment.



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