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Jim Sheldon

Good Idea Dave,
I did that on one of mine earlier.  I used 1206 size, but 0805 might fit better.  No current so wattage is not a factor.

Jim - W0EB

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The v.30 with Ron’s CW Keying code does include adding the 4.7k pull-up at A7, as a modification to hardware.

I’m planning on adding both 4.7K chip resistors directly on the pads of the Raduino so there are no loose resistors to mount at the key jack(s).

Dave WI6R

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On Jan 27, 2018, at 2:39 AM, Ian Lee <kd8cec@...> wrote:

I have not posted it on my blog separately since it is a test version. When the test is complete,  write a usage and post it.
I am writing for someone who is interested and test.  If I get an error report or a fix, I'll fix it and make it into github's 0.31 branch.

Here is a brief description of the change from 0.30.
improved CW Keying, Frequency Tune and CW performance according to users' requirements.
In particular, CW Keying applied ron's logic for use with original hardware. also made it possible to set the CW Key ADC range to reduce errors in CW.
ADC monitoring function is added to know the exact resistance and key contact status.
I thought that if you set your own ADC range using the measured values here, you would get an error. I need to test these things, so I leave this post.

removed all existing sources related to frequency tune. And i applied threshold, weight about speed, and steps. The problem of changing the frequency at the moment of catching the knob has probably disappeared. when the threshold has been exceeded, start frequency changing, i added some logic to prevent the thresholds from becoming unnatural.
If you want to fine-tune, slowly turn it and the threshold will be applied continuously and change very slowly.
The tune steps you can select now are 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, but you can change them in uBITX Manager 0.31 (now working)
You can change the step by pressing the function key for a long time. If you keep pressing it, Diallock will work.

The ham band movement applied at 0.28 was set to 0.30, so that region1 was set as the default.
Of course, you can change to the previous operation state by pressing the function key in the band select menu for a long time.
And like the 0.28 version, you can set up to 10 frequency bands in uBITX Manager to suit your country or your liking.

Please refer to below for the improvements and how to upload firmware and more detail.
The source and compiled firmware can be found in the release below link.

How to upload firmware and use version up to version 0.27

Best 73
KD8CEC / Ph.D ian lee
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