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On Jan 26, 2018, at 3:23 PM, Brien Wankel <brien@...> wrote:

Looks great! Any interest in providing some sort of "how-to" and code for guys like me who want to do this as well?

- Brien K7XPO

On Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 3:14 PM, Joe <joeman2116@...> wrote:
Finishing up the case for my UBITX
The display provides full touch control along with physical optional buttons.
100 memory channels
Tuneable Bfo
Vfo A B M
All bands selectable from front display
Uses cheap tft touch displays i use a 2.8
Low cost - Atmega 2560 for lots of pins and better perfomance.
Si5351 for dds

More to come.......

Coded by VU2SPF 
Tech support VE1BWV


First phase nearly completed

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