Re: Tuning clicks on bitx40 #bitx40help

Jerry Gaffke

Probably not software.
There were some issues with etherkit libraries made available last spring,
the vco was getting reset each time the frequency changed.
But that was not a problem with the firmware shipped with the radio
using an earlier version of the etherkit libraries.
And not a problem for Allard's current firmware:

You can hear tuning clicks with no antenna connected on most of these radios,
but the noise floor pretty much completely masks it with an appropriate antenna connected.

A 50 ohm resistor in the 12v lead to the raduino, plus caps to ground on both ends of that resistor
should be sufficient to stifle this.  If not, perhaps it has to do with how the wiring is routed
to the raduino.  Maybe arrange so the 12v and ground leads to the raduino leave from the same
region of the Bitx40, and place a cap across the two there.  Maybe an issue with length of leads,
or how the leads get routed.

On Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 04:38 pm, <radioant@...> wrote:
Hi I'm Bob WB2TFG,
This is my first message on this group. I wanted to silence the tuning clicks on my bitx40. I have already tried putting the caps on the regulator and resistor on the power wire on the vfo and it didn't help the tuning clicks at all. So I looked at the output of the vfo with an oscilloscope and saw a large pulse coming out of the vfo when the tuning pot was turned. The pulse was about 2.5ms long with an amplitude of about 5volts. Could this be a software problem. Thanks from Bob Porter WB2TFG.

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