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Arv Evans

Mike  ZL1AXG

Initially I was against starting other groups that focus on the BITX phenomena, but after seeing your web site
and what you are doing with it I am having second thoughts.  Your approach does have potential to lower
workload on moderators for the existing discussion group.  That alone should make the
moderators very happy.  🤗

Presently the group covers everything from the initial BITX20 design by Farhan over 10 years
ago.  This includes several different BITX transceivers, some clones of BITX that do not bear the name, and
a lot of add-ons, modifications, and other bits of information.  Over those years we all have learned much,
made new friends, and had lots of fun.  Maybe it is time to spin off a group that is dedicated just to the uBITX
( micro-BITX) and things that only apply to it. 

Are you going to have a section for discussions, and a header that refers to this mail handler,
and the site?
If you are going to have a discussion section, how are you going to handle those who wish to post the same
information on both groups (seems counter-productive).

There is also the issue of which site will be the "official BITX information repository" but maybe that will work
itself out with time and use. 

All this raises a do you want us on the to show existence of your web page? 
We can add it to the "Links" section but that only works for those who actually log in to the group itself.  Those
who only communicate with this group via Email will never see your URL. 
There is a "message footer" under Message Formatting.  Maybe this could be used to advertise your new uBITX
web site, but things would get messy if we were to do the same advertising for everything BITX.  Possibly
using that footer for advertising of your site for some limited period of time would work but it fails for those who
join this group after the advert has been removed.
I'm looking for some suggestions here?

I have BCC'ed this message to the other two moderators so that they can add their thoughts and comments.

Arv (1 of 3 moderators) K7HKL

On Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 2:38 PM, Mike Woods <mhwoods@...> wrote:
I note that there were almost 3,000 messages on this email list in December and we are currently at 2364 messages in January (and we are not quite to the end of the month!).  If you are not following the traffic, or come to the party late, trying to extract helpful information from the list is not straight forward! That's not to say that the list and the files section aren't helpful.  They are fantastic in fact for emergent discussion!  But a mail group is not the best way for anybody to source tried and true information about anything.  A website is much better at summarising known facts, to prevent endless redesign of the wheel, and answering the same newbie question over and over again.

I figured I should do something about this, so check out

The website is at an early stage of development.  It will contain two types of information to begin with - a summary of some of the more interesting items that arise from list discussion, presented as "news" items and a comprehensive guide to constructing and modding.  

You can subscribe to the RSS feed to get news updates.

News items from the last 3 days include:
  • a "top board" for the uBitx (from Martin AE7EU)
  • removing the audio pop on T/R - a new approach (from Gary N3GO)
  • a new CW keying fix (from John AD0RW)
  • a discussion on IRF510 stabilisation fixes (from several list members).

I figured that these news items should reference the actual iogroups list items.  I will update some of the news stories that don't yet reference the original item. The news items have been summarised and/or edited lightly.

The other type of information on the website is intended to be a comprehensive guide to purchasing, assembling, fixing and modding the uBitx.   Static pages will summarise everything that a builder needs to know about a particular issue or extension.   Options for mods will be presented with recommendations for which ones are popular/proven.  Currently, I have begun pages covering the following (many of these have yet to be finished ...):

There's a lot more to be covered, just in the getting started section.  For example:
  • Reverse voltage and over-current protection
  • Microphone options
  • Wiring up an internal speaker, with an external phone jack
  • Wiring up a paddle and straight key
  • Getting support when things go wrong

I look forward to:

  • comments about the website's purpose, layout and example content
  • ways to improve and extend the website further
  • offers of assistance (directly to me at mhwoods@... please)

This will be a moderated website. I want to avoid the situation where  bum advice is shared with others that makes life a misery.

This is about short-cutting research time and eliminating blind alleys that detract from operating or modding time!

I'm off to a Ham Radio BBQ hosted by NZART Kapiti Branch (about 1/2 hour from me).   I look forward to reading the mail later today!  Brickbats, bouquets and all!


Mike  ZL1AXG

Mike Woods

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