Re: Apache Case on Sale

John McFadden <johnamcf@...>

I bought two 1800s, they would not fit my ubitx pcb at the bottom of the case by a fraction of an inch because of the orientation of the raduino and heat sinks on the short axis of the card, they must point to the sides. Leaving the long axis of the card to fit front to back in the case. 

Instead, I selected the Seahorse SE300, more expensive, but also has screw bosses molded into both the case and lid which means easily hanging the PCB from stand offs instead of puncturing the case. 


On Jan 26, 2018 10:48 AM, "John P" <j.m.price@...> wrote:
Here's a link! This if the January flyer, so it doesn't show the sale price.
John - WA2FZW

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