Re: remote display was Apache Case on Sale

Rod Davis

Jack and All,

attached 2 pix of remote display. Note that I used DuPont wires that came as a flat-group, not the helter-skelter loose wires.
Probably helps reduce noise to some degree.

The ubitx is in an old Heathkit Frequency counter cabinet. When fully assembled, the cabinet looks good, and has
plenty of room for add-ons, and has good cooling louvers.

I will install a fan just behind the finals. The fan will be pulling air away from the finals, not blowing onto them.

Downside of using this case: the 12 inch Nano USB extension cable will not reach the back panel; had to bring
it out through the front.


On 01/26/2018 08:38 AM, Jack Purdum via Groups.Io wrote:
That's good news! I'm thinking of using ribbon cable and grounding every other wire.

Jack, W8TEE

From: Rod Self <km6sn@...>
Sent: Friday, January 26, 2018 11:35 AM
Subject: Re: [BITX20] remote display was Apache Case on Sale

I used 6 inch Dupont wires with no shield-no apparent problems.

On 01/26/2018 06:43 AM, Jack Purdum via Groups.Io wrote:
I think there are a number of people who have moved the display away from the main board to give them some flexibility in terms of display placement. Evidently, some shielding is needed, but I think I recall someone simply wrapping the cable in foil mitigated the problem. I'd like to hear from anyone who has moved the display and what their experience is.

Jack, W8TEE

From: KE0GYC <dragonfanatic90@...>
Sent: Friday, January 26, 2018 9:24 AM
Subject: Re: [BITX20] Apache Case on Sale

I love the idea of a "portable field radio" with all the controls on the top in a watertight case like this.  I'm thinking of modeling it after a bitX40 build I saw here, and this case looks like the perfect size!

Is there any reason I couldn't do that with the uBitx?  It looks like the LCD plugs directly into the board, but would it give me noise issues if I used a short length of ribbon cable to move the LCD to face upwards?


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