Re: Modular BiTX40

Mike Doty

Hi Manoel,
My group has had a lot of fun working on this project.  With winter upon us (lots of snow), and living up in the mountains in the northwest U.S., getting together for classes is a challenge.  We have had two classes to date and the group has completed assembling and testing the audio amps board, the 3 bidirectional amps,  the low pass filter, and installed all of the SIP sockets on the motherboard.  Our next class is scheduled for 17 Feb and the plan for this session is to complete and test the crystal filter, the mixer, the product detector, and the VFO.  We'll save the PA module for last along with building the external VFO (Si5351).  I did find that on the analog VFO it was almost impossible to eliminate the drifting so I decided not to install those components since we will be using an external VFO anyway.

The only fault I found with any of the boards was that you didn't include pads to connect M1/M2 from the relay on the PA module to the audio amp module.  I worked around this by soldering two wires with a header to the relay contact pads on the PA module.  The header plugs in to pins on the motherboard with traces running to the audio amp module.

Again, it was terrific of you to share your work on Hackaday and the experience that my guys are getting from building this transceiver is invaluable.  If you will email me direct I would be pleased to mail you one of the motherboards that I designed for the project as my way of saying thank you.

--73-- Mike  --  W0MNE

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