Re: Second batch of uBITX shipping? #ubitx

Kevin Luxford

I have purchased a number of products from hfsignals and from Sunil (, and apart from the BITX40 from hfsignals which was transported in quick time by DHL couriers, I have relied on India Post. My experience has been that I get an email telling me that the item has been dispatched and quoting a tracking number. Searches on the number yield at most three entries, the last indicating that the parcel is about to leave India. Then a complete lack of further tracking data until the postie knocks on my front door with my parcel in his hand. The tactic employed here is to have a number of projects in the pipeline, so that a longer than expected delivery time does not cause too much angst. And down here, delays can occur in our Customs service, especially at this time of year - let alone the possibility that the authorities are being extra careful given the recent huge amounts of illegal drugs that have been intercepted.
Vy 73

Kevin B. G. Luxford

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