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Jim Sheldon

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Gm Jack,
You are not using BCC, your are using just CC and I'm still getting everything on the list including everyone's email addresses.  I'm still getting all the replies from the other people too.

Please, Please just remove me completely from this.  I'm getting too many emails to have to keep deleting them.  Sometimes I spend more time having to delete this stuff that I get done working on what I need to.

Sorry, but this has GOT to stop!

Jim - W0EB

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On Thu, Jan 25, 2018 at 07:40 pm, Arv Evans wrote:
It seems possible that the solder paste extruder could also be adapted to a CNC Mill
or a 3D printer and used with appropriate G-Code to place small solder paste dots
for oven-baking of components to the PCB

Here is one guy's attempt at exactly that  seems the next evolution would be to fit a vacuum pump and home brew a pick and place rig.

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