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On Thu, Jan 25, 2018 at 10:39 PM, Arv Evans <arvid.evans@...> wrote:

That solder paste extruder is a great idea.  I have used these tubes of solder paste for
several years but always fought with expressing enough, but not too much, of the paste.

Tomorrow I will be in my workshop building one of your devices.  I really like the concept.

It seems possible that the solder paste extruder could also be adapted to a CNC Mill
or a 3D printer and used with appropriate G-Code to place small solder paste dots
for oven-baking of components to the PCB. 

Arv  K7HKL

Hello Arv, K7HKL,

If you build your own Solder Paste Extruder, please send a snapshot of it to me.
I'm sure yours will look orders of magnitude better than mine.

Here are the approximate dimensions of the prototype that I made (not to scale):

​I used a piece of scrap 1x pine, 0.75" thick.
The screw is 1/4-20 about 3.75" long, from the scrap box.
The hole for the nut was drilled, then filed out.
The slots that hole the finger tabs on the syringe are the width of the jig saw blade.
I put masking tape around that part to keep the syringe from twisting / falling out.

My dental hygienist saves broken dental tools for me. They come in handy.

Ken, KM4NFQ "Not Fully Qualified"

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