ARROW Bus to Hamvention

John Wasciuk

January 26, 2018
2878 Ticknor Ct
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-6921
Dear Fellow Radio Amateurs & Friends of ARROW Communication Association,

Once again, this year, The ARROW Communication Association of Ann Arbor, Michigan is sponsoring its annual round-trip by bus to Hamvention on Saturday, May 19, 2018. Details are at:

This trip has run since 2002. We have sold out the last four years! We have had riders come from all over. They have come from Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids. In 2017, John, VE3IPS came down from Toronto to be with us. You can see some fine photos and a great video on his web site:

As in any endeavor of this kind, we appreciate any additional positive word to be spread around via web pages, news letters and on the air!

For $65.00 ($55.00 before April 1), we offer a free continental breakfast, space at our flea market table and, most of all, PRIZES! It is probably complete coincidence, but a number of the products we have been given have then made it into the Product Review column of QST (QRP Labs, QRPme and Borden Radio Company come to mind).

I am putting this email on a number of blogs and email lists for the benefit of our donors. While the bus may be local or regional, our sponsors sell internationally. ARROW would like to return their generosity with a bit of publicity.

If it is all right with the moderator of this list, we’d like to post another email when we are farther along with our 2018 campaign. We try to list our sponsors and a bit about them and the package they have sent for our lucky passengers.

A list of previous donors can be seen below.

We thank you all for your kind attention. We look forward to seeing you at Hamvention and on the bus!


John F. Wasciuk
Activities Coordinator,
ARROW Communication Association
Ann Arbor, Michigan
jwasciuk at gmail dot com

List of donors 2014-2017:

Amateur Accessories, Inc
American Radio Supply
American Hakko Products, Inc
Borden Radio Company
Buckmaster International HamCall
Comet Anetnna
Daiwa Meters
Connect Quick (Ironworks Design LLC)
Connect Systems Inc
Debco Electronics
Digi-Key Electronics
DX Engineering
EAE Sales
Far Circuits
Five Dash
Fox Delta
Global TSCM Group Inc KN2C dot US
Ham Radio Outlet
Heil Sound
Hip Ham Shirts
KB6NW CW Geek (No-Nonsense Study Guides)
Klingenfuss Publications
MCM Electronics
Mike’s Electronic Parts
MPD Digital
North Georgia QRP Club
NW Digital Radio
Pacific Antenna QRP Kits
Peebles Originals
QRP Labs
RT Systems
Tennadyne Corporation / Cubex Quads
The RF Adapter Guy
Universal Radio
West Mountain Radio

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