Re: BITX QSO Afternoon/Night, Sunday, January 28, 3PM/7PM Local Time, 7277 kHz in North America, 7177 kHz elsewhere


Look for us in the mid-west to be on 7278 the other frequency is too close to the 7275
traffic that is on every Sunday.

On 1/25/2018 1:34 PM, John P wrote:
BITX QSO Afternoon/Evening, Sunday, January 28, 3PM & 7PM Local Time, 7277 kHz in North America, 7177 kHz elsewhere.

While not the greatest band conditions, the afternoon session last week was better than the evening session! So hopefully, we can try both times again this week.

Join us as we make contacts from BITX40 to BITX40 on 7.277 MHz in 40 meters!

This is a worldwide event for BITX40 stations starting at 7pm in each time zone. To participate, call CQ BITX on Sunday, starting at 3PM and/or 7PM your local time. The BITX QSO Night continues through the evening and conditions usually improve after sunset, so it is worthwhile to participate later in the evening.

Suggested Best Operating Practices:

Work at QRP power levels unless conditions require more power.
Call and listen for CQ BITX on the hour and every quarter hour.
It is helpful if you call CQ BITX with your callsign, name and location. 
Repeat your callsign a number of times during your CQ BITX and during QSO's.
Start a QSO by confirming the callsign, location, name and signal report of the other operator.
Say the callsign, name and location of the other operator so others can hear.
If the frequency is busy, avoid long conversations.
After your initial QSO is complete, ask if there are any other stations who would like to contact.

Report your QSO's, discuss propagation, noise, signal reports, audio reports, antenna type, etc. in this thread.

This is an undirected, scheduled event.  The BITX QSO Night relies on you to call CQ BITX to initiate contacts with other stations, so warm up that final and transmit a few calls on Sunday evening.  Talk to you then!
John - WA2FZW

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