Re: Power Supply Option

Jerry Gaffke

Many here run it at 13v and more.

But at 12v R141 is already cooking, over its 1/4W rating.
Q13 is also running hot.
Going above 12v makes it worse.

Several reports of having R141 open up, if it does then replace it with a 1/2W 10 ohm resistor.
Q13 could be replaced with a leaded version of the 2n3904, which can dissipate more power than the mmbt3904 that is normally stuffed.

I'd recommend a low dropout 12v linear regulator, such as the LT2940CT-12,
power to the IRF510 kept separate. 

On Thu, Jan 25, 2018 at 01:14 pm, Steve Thatcher wrote:
I'm a bit confused over operating voltage for BTX40.  Understanding that the PA can be run up to higher voltages, and the main board is spec'd at "12V", is it proper and safe to run the main at 12.6V- typical battery voltage?  How about 13.8V if, say, plugged into a running automobile system?  Thanks, Aloha, Steve WH6ST

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