Re: End whistling into the mic

Jerry Gaffke

From post 22764 of last Feb:

I got tired of saying AHHHHHHH after about 30 seconds, so spent the following 30 seconds adding a line to the Arduino sketch (anywhere) in the setup() function:

    tone(A0, 750);   
The Raduino is then emitting a 5v square wave at 750hz on the A0 pin.  (I prefer listening to 750 hz all day over 1khz.)  That's the black wire on one end of the 8 pin connector, the other end of that same connector has 3 wires over to the tuning pot.  I ran the black wire to a 1k resistor and a 20 ohm resistor in series to ground.  From the top of the 20 ohm resistor to ground (the bottom of the 20 ohm resistor is ground) I now have a 100mv 750hz square wave, which I ran into the microphone input.  Gives me a consistent signal to measure and make comparisons.

On Thu, Jan 25, 2018 at 01:20 pm, David wrote:
Instead of whistling into the mic when using an antenna tuner on SSB, we could easily add a tone generator and switch to do that for us. Thoughts?



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