Re: Creating Gerber files for pcb construction


I visited the EasyEDA site this morning and noticed they have changed the portal for submitting gerbers for fabrication. It now brings you to a JLCPCB page with a gerber viewer that is different from the previous one.

Previously I'd had some problems - the previous gerber viewer provided on the site did not properly display copper pours on the bottom layer, and did not recognize drawn circles or ellipses unless they were converted to polygons. Sufficiently confidence eroding to tread carefully.

This problem seems to have been corrected with this new portal.

I received a small order of boards from them yesterday.(checked with the old gerber viewer) Very simple layout but with all of the elements in place - top&bottom copper, masks, and silkscreens, with edited features in the mask, and V-cuts to separate individual boards. Fabrication was satisfactory in all respects. I was contacted with some questions and requests to verify that my somewhat "unusual" features were intentional and not errors. So it appears their checking is more than just perfunctory. I will probably send them another more complex and fine-featured layout soon.

Jim, N5IB

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