Re: Almost all of the firmware has been modified to fix known bugs and enhance CAT communications.

Ian Lee

You have a lot of experience with NTP servers using GPS. Excellent!
I just needed a solution because the USB sound card was too big. So I decided to remove the USB connector from the RPI and insert the sound card.
(I wanted to put the WSJT-X Portable in my pocket.)

But the USB connector was double type. So I thought I should put one more thing. At that time, the USB type GPS was shown! So the GPS module is located like that.
I have no experience with PPS. so I do not know if that GPS module supports PPS.
Synchronizing the time with the NMEA protocol is something that we have done before.
By the way, your email has motivated me to study something more.


2018-01-25 2:28 GMT+09:00 <al_91dak@...>:

Cool! Did you hook up the PPS line? That would allow for time synchronization that far exceeds what is necessary for these modes, but might as well do it anyway as it is just one GPIO...
I have a Raspberry Pi based NTP server on my home network that uses the GPS+PPS method, been rock solid for years now. This also brings up other thoughts like automatically setting the gridsquare in WSJT-X.

Best 73
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